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Mobile First

Ondego is the first market platform designed for a 100% mobile usability. It provides easy and agile acces not only to statistics and reports, but also to configuration parameters.


Faithful to the “mobile first” user experience, the content editor of your portals is also accessible and fully configurable from your mobile phone without needing installed apps, restrictions or limitations.



Our portals are the interaction window with the visitor. That's why, we’ve created a series of actions - oriented towards your objectives or KPIs - that your customers will carry out during the connection process:


Data is not information and information is not value, in Social And Beyond you not only get rich reports, but a powerful API to integrate as other BI or CRM solutions that you have, squeezing the information as much as possible and turning it into real value for your digital strategy or proximity marketing.


Network administration

Managing your visitors connection time and qualities, creating visitors typology based in your customer experience. All that and much more is possible thanks to having control of the network and users all the time. That is our highest priority, transparency and control.



Fast consults to create a clean and exportable data visualization in multiple formats. Working with the most reliable and secure cloud in the market to ensure the strictest SLA (service legal agreements) is one of the many reasons that customers such as Burger King, Santander, KFC or Teléfonica trust us.

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