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Through the management of large clients, we have obtained robustness and experience with a 100% owned platform and with presence in more than 15 countries. For more than 6 years we have been providing Social WiFi and our solution is used by more than 10 million users.

We have been selected by one of the world's leading telephone operators -Telefónica-Movistar-Vivo- to integrate our solution in its WiFi services for large companies, placing us in a privileged position as providers of this service for the main retail brands in Spain and the rest of the world.

Through our partner approval policy, we have managed to integrate our solution with an extensive network of distributors worldwide.

A safe and reliable solution that meets the requirements of leading companies in their sector.

Adding value to the partner's strategy with SAAS software services that are closely integrated with other services in its offer.

Flexible and scalable partner support according to their needs.

A product with high profit margins and catalyst for other hardware and software sales and recurring service fees.

WiFi network Installer:

The installation business has been advancing over the years into a service-oriented product where integral solutions that include not only installation (in sale or rental mode), but flow, monitoring and of course, the "last mile"... user experience and social WiFi.

Our solution closes the circle and positions the professional installer of WiFi networks at the forefront of this sector and also provides the ideal situation for the sale of other services: maintenance, monitoring, cross selling to improve the flow, network coverage, etc…


Online... offline marketing is a thing of the past, of the 20th century. Today the customer is in the eye of the new communication hurricane. Omnichannelity is the standard of this new era where data has more value than gold itself.

Both digital and transversal agencies can rely on the Social&Beyond solution to achieve their objectives in multiple ways: data acquisition, loyalty, customer and visitor interaction.


When you have already tried to attract customers by price reduction, financial support in the acquisition of mobile terminals, service conditions, etc. it's time to attract customers for third-party solutions with high added value, recovering strategies where a portfolio of vertical and/or horizontal solutions are exposed that close the offer with the company's customer and establish a strong entry barrier against competitors.

Partnership Program

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